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Birgit Braunstein’s family has a four-hundred-year-old tradition of wine cultivation. Wines have been cultivated on the family farm since 1632. The term sustainability gains a whole new meaning in such circumstances.




Weingut Birgit Braunstein

Hauptgasse 18, 7083 Purbach


Burgenland - Österreich

Telefon: +43 2683 5913 - Fax: DW 22



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Birgit Braunstein





Birgit Braunstein is a passionate vintner. She creates great wines of outstanding ripeness, structure and mineral expression. Her impressive know-how and dedication brought her the title “Vintner of the Year 2005 (Gourmedia 2004/2005)”. Her wines have gained recognition far beyond the borders of Austria. Every wine carries the vintner’s inimitable signature.


Birgit Braunstein unites the passion for her occupation with her love of nature by creating extraordinary organic wines that express their terroir.


Birgit Braunstein has character, just like her wines. She is inquisitive and is always searching for new and better ways of doing things. She is modest and has a tremendous awe for the power and greatness of nature.


Backed by several centuries of winemaking tradition, she pursued a business-oriented education at the College of Tourism and at the Economic University in Vienna.


She combines this background today in her roles as vintner and manager.


Birgit Braunstein and Martin Pasler, also a vintner in Jois, married in 2006. As the mother of lively twins, Birgit Braunstein learned to remain flexible in all of life’s situations and now looks into the future feeling fairly relaxed and prepared.


Birgit enjoys life in Purbach surrounded by an extended family on the sunny slopes of the Leitha Mountains with a view of Lake Neusiedl.


Birgit Braunstein is a well-known and respected producer of numerous award-winning wines. Her most recent award is the promotion into the elite circle of “Selected Vintners” in the prestigious Austrian Wine Salon.