Birgit erzählt....

Im Weinkeller ruht der Wein solange er braucht und wir von mir mit guten Wünschen versehen.




Weingut Birgit Braunstein

Hauptgasse 18, 7083 Purbach


Burgenland - Österreich

Telefon: +43 2683 5913 - Fax: DW 22



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Wine Cellar

Winemaking is in female hands at the Braunstein Winery


Femininity reigns in Birgit Braunstein’s wine cellar. Birgit works together with the only woman cellar master in Burgenland. Adriana Gonzalez is truly a master of her craft.


Adriana Gonzales grew up in Galicia and studied viticulture and oenology in Spain. After gaining practical experience in the USA and New Zealand, she returned to Europe. She has been the winemaker for Birgit Braunstein and Martin Pasler since 2008.


Birgit unites tradition with modern technology in the wine cellar. Ripe, healthy grapes are de-stemmed and processed quickly and gently without pumps.


Red wines are fermented in wooden vats, in stainless steel tanks, and according to the traditional method in open tuns. Aromas, tannins, and colour develop optimally.


White wines remain on their fine lees for up to 6 months. The fruity red wines mature for one year in large wooden casks and the oak-influenced wines mature for up to 2 years in small oak barrels.