Birgit erzählt...

In meinen Weingärten sehe ich alle Farben der Natur. Das farbliche Spiel - erfüllt mich mit Zufriedenheit, Glück und Zuversicht.




Weingut Birgit Braunstein

Hauptgasse 18, 7083 Purbach


Burgenland - Österreich

Telefon: +43 2683 5913 - Fax: DW 22



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The vineyard as a wildlife habitat 


Birgit Braunstein cultivates her vineyards as naturally as possible and without pesticides. Colourful herbs and flowers flourish between the vines.


The only necessary measures in the vineyard serve the reduction of yield quantity to ensure the quality and intensity of the wines. Manual harvesting, gentle winemaking and skilled maturation are the keys for great terroir wines that carry the signature of the vintner.


Meticulous attention to detail in the vineyard ensures that each soil type and micro-climate is matched with the right grape variety with the right rootstock. The ideal height for the fruit zone and canopy delivers the ideal warmth for fruit and the optimal sugar ripeness. Selective leaf plucking in the fruit zone provides improved air circulation for the grapes and keeps fruit healthy by reducing the threat of fungal disease.


90% of wine quality stems from the rigorous work in the vineyard; the other 10% is determined in the cellar.