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„Auf meinem Weingut ist immer etwas los. …Und damit Ihnen nichts entgeht, finden Sie auf dieser Seite die aktuellsten Ereignisse. In diesem Sinne heiße ich Sie herzlichst willkommen - auf meiner Webseite und auf meinem Weingut.“



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Weingut Birgit Braunstein

Hauptgasse 18, 7083 Purbach


Burgenland - Österreich

Telefon: +43 2683 5913 - Fax: DW 22




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Platz 1 Chardonnay Magna Mater - Wine Enthusiast USA


Birgit Braunstein 2012 Magna Mater Chardonnay (Burgenland)


It’s the healing, life-giving energy of nature that Birgit Braunstein wants to honor in her “Magna Mater” or “Great Mother” wine, named after her childhood pilgrimages to the shrine of Magna Mater, the Virgin Mary, in Mariazell, Styria. The Chardonnay is fermented on its skins in 300- and 500-liter amphorae—clay vessels that spend eight months submerged in the soil behind Braunstein’s family winery in the village of Purbach, in Austria’s most easterly wine region.

Braunstein wanted to make a wine like just her Celtic predecessors—who introduced viticulture to the region—may have made, acquiring her her first amphora in 2009. Braunstein’s amphorae have exactly the same onion-dome shape as the region’s churches, but upside down.

“This way, you draw and focus all of the energy into the wine,” says Braunstein.

After eight months, the wine is scooped out of the amphorae by hand and transferred to used barrels to mature for another one to two years. The wine is then bottled without added SO2, filtration or fining.



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